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12-Latest 2020 SEO tips for blogger

12-Latest 2020 SEO tips for blogger. 

Hello friends welcome to all once again on our website. Today I am going to tell you Advanced SEO tips for  beginners .You can use this all Advanced SEO tips in your own blog post .

so that your blog post rank on google page easily.

There are many ways by which you can improve your on page blog post SEO in easy steps. Just follow all the steps of SEO search engine optimization give in this post. And your blog can rank #1 easily. In few days.

Advanced on page SEO Tips for  beginners  in 2020

1.Make keyword Related content.  

Make sure your keyword is related to your content, because it will help you to rank your post in google. Always try to Choose long-tailed and relevant keywords for your blog post or articles on the website for each page. Use these keywords various times (not too many times) like in the title, subheading and throughout the content.

A lot of people for are searching for your keyword can find easily your website. If you don’t take the time to plan out topics and deadlines for yourself, you’ll have a hard time staying consistent in your publishing.

There are numbers of tools you can use for your keyword panning like google keyword planner. This keyword planner is free and uses the data the company collects on what people are searching for in the most popular search engine in the world. 

As well as you can use other keyword planner which are available free to use. And you can use paid version of keyword planner which are much better in there service.

2.Image optimization for SEO ( search engine optimization). 

Optimized images are not hugley important by themselves, but they do feed into a number of other site level factos. Compressing image make for lighter pages, giving you a boot in page speed.

Describing image with proper file names, caption, and alt texts mayhelp them rank in google Images, and, consequently, make them eligible for visual search queries via google lens.And there is also a chance that google favous content that has visual aids, deeming it a more through piece of information. Either way, image

optimization is one of those things that we tend to postpone, so perhaps it's time to finally get it done in 2020.

3.Provide the meta tag. 

Meta tags generate HTML tags used by search engines to determine the title, description and other details of the engine. They do not have as much impact on search as before, but have little impact on targeted keywords.

4. Use Backlinks. 

The number of external pages linking back to your site is still among the most important Google ranking factors.

And the internal link are also help in SEO.However, lots of links coming from a single source do not carry much value, which is why you have to maintain,

an extensive network of collaborators and information partners to work on projects that will attract links.

A good way to start building this network would be by spying on your competitors and discovering their backlink sources.

Some of their partners might be exclusive to them, but the absolute majority is likely to be business directories, bloggers, and industry publications, that are open to everyone.

Acquiring and using this intelligence is one of the lowest hanging fruits in off-page SEO.

5.Add Internal Links to Your Old Posts. 

A part of how Google determines the importance of your pages is by the number of internal links that they get and the context of those links. To maximize the effect of this ranking factor, maintain a shallow site structure,

audit your site for broken links, use keywords in the anchor text, and create additional opportunities for interlinking your pages.

Keep in mind that authority is as important for internal links as it is for external ones,

so if you want to give some page a boost—link to it from high authority pages within your website.

6.Check your loading speed

According to Google, the median load time for a mobile page is 15 seconds, which is in stark contrast to what users expect—53% of them will leave a mobile page that takes over three seconds to load which is good for SEO.

This is why page speed has been a mobile ranking factor for the past ,

two years and is likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future.

The fact that the majority of mobile pages remain slow is actually good news. It means there is this huge competitive advantage that’s yours if you want it.

And if you do, then there are over 20 mobile speed factors to take into consideration,

with image size, page redirects, and bloated code leading the pack.

There is also an option to optimize your mobile website using AMP, which promises to load your pages in one second or less.

Now I know that AMP is widely criticized for imposing strict design limits (among other things),

but it’s actually gotten a lot more flexible recently and allows for even the most advanced of pages.

I’d say that AMP is a fair choice for those who’d rather apply,

a standardized solution than try to hand-tune their website. If page load of your blog is low then your SEO is good and your blog will be rank on google.

7.Update Old Posts to Keep Them Current.

Creating new content regularly can be very helpful. You can review your blog from time to time to find good old posts, but they may be outdated now in all old post check the SEO is going good or not,

Beef with updated information and valuable hints or insights you missed the first time. This is especially useful for well-ranked but great locations. So anything on the 2nd or 3rd page for you is worth improving,

so you can try to fit it to the first page.

8.Try Out Different Content Formats.

Although blogging is mainly linked to writing, it is a much simpler format than this. If you wish, you can add images, videos, infographics and podcasts to the blog.

Separating new content types can help you reach new audiences or connect with your current audience in new ways.

Do a little experimenting to see how you want to work with new formats and whether they have more,

shares, more links on your posts, or more engagement with your audience.

9.Format the Blogger Post URL link. 

Permalink plays a great role in your posts search engine ranking. There are a few rules that everyone should follow for Blogspot:
Put 50 characters in the post titleRemove Stopword from Permalink (Ex: A, On, The)When writing a blog post, you have the option to edit permalink. Use it to edit your permalink and delete stop words. It's a good idea to use keywords in your permalink. (It's not spam)
When writing a blog post, you have the option to have an automatic permalink or a manual permalink in your right panel.

Select the manual permalink and modify as you wish. Check out this screenshot for example:

10.Title tag

Title tags (H1, H2, etc.) pack a good punch just like the title tags, so it's important to use them wisely.

These are the tags that appear on the front end of your blog, so it's important to include your most important keywords,and SEO but they'll be read naturally by visitors.

There is no character limit with header tags. However, make sure they are not too long or too short. Remember: it should be detailed and user-readable!

11.Optimize Your Body Copy. 

Next, you need to go through your content and make sure it is optimized to its full potential.
Analyze what a blog post is and choose some keywords to target. Make a list of keywords that you suggest to start editing in the copy.
Without keyword stuffing, strategically place additional buzz words in the content for search engines.
Remember: SEO is about search engines or more about catering to your readers. Always do your job with a focus on real human beings.
Try to develop a modest keyword density so that search engines can pick up.The combination of copy optimization, customized title tag,

H1 tag and image ALT tag really helps to strengthen every page of your website.

12.Establish your niche. 

The best blogs are sources of quality content, and the first step in that direction is concept. Blog sites on the Internet offer a wide variety of content, which can be a big challenge and find your niche. It is important to find your niche, as this is the main focus of your blog post.

For example, a blog about Japanese cuisine means that my ingredients mainly focus on recipes, cooking tips, and food reviews related to Japanese food.

Having a niche will establish your blog's identity and branding, as well as provide greater content consistency. Another thing to keep in mind when setting up your account is the number of people searching. Obviously, there are more popular items than the other ones, which means the amount of traffic it can drive varies. This means that a more popular niche means more competition, but more content means you can take inspiration from it.
Finding your niche is a challenge and planning your content around it is another matter. Once you've found your place, the next step is to create content that will make up the bulk of your blog.


Blogging is one of the best things anyone can do to improve SEO, but a blog and a publishing post is not enough to keep you competitive.

Creating regular content, which is always nice, but the hardest part.

By doing a little extra work to advance what you are already doing, you can help your audience.Find you more easily and make sure your content is doing its job. And finally your on page SEO  search engine optimization will be great. And you rank on google on any kind of post you write. Must follow all the steps of SEO.


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