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Top 36 Love quotes about him 2020

Love sad line shayari

 Hello readers welcome to getsucces If you love to read shayari and quotes then you are at right place. Here I’m going to share with you  unique shayari collection by which you can express your feelings in front of your loved one.

Nowadays most of the peoples use shayari to impress their lovers. Shayari is the most trending things on the internet, couples use shayari on the social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. 
We gave our best to provide you the best result of all time for love shayari these love shayari are 100% unique .. 

 "Pain changes people.
some become rude,
Some become silent. ... "

Agree ?
"Bye" is a formality
 and "see you"  is a feeling
"please take care" is emotion...

"Life has taught me.
 Never expect anything from anyone.. "

"Everyone promise forever
 until they find someone better.. "

"Don't change yourself to win someone's heart.
 Stay true and you will find someone 
 who like you for being you... "

"life is short. spend it with people who make you laugh  and feel loved."

"Never waste your time  trying to explain yourself to people who are committed, 
 To misunderstanding you...."

"Things end.
People change
And  you know what ? 
life goes on.."

"Sometimes God doesn't change your situation because he is trying to change your heart.."

"I promise you.
 No  one will ever take,
 your place in my heart......"

Be what you want to be,
not what others want to see..

 I don't miss you
 I miss the old me,
 who was happy
 without you......

"Sometime lonely people are Very lucky Becausthey have nobody to lose.. "

I don't need
 everyone in my life,
 I just need 
few People  who understand me...

 "You can't be 
strong all the time.
 sometime you just need to be alone
 and let your tear out...."

"Don't ask why I changed
 fast ask yourself first,
 what you did to me.."

"After this year,
 I actually want to give.
 Myself a big hug  because,
 I am still  standing....."

"Never say busy to the one ,
 who need you,
 its hurt them slot..."

 "Don't get too attached
 because everyone always,
 leave in the end....."

 "Story of my life ,
 broken by one,
 Now hate everyone..."

 Someone asked me
  "who hurts you"
  I replied,
 my own expectation..

"Silent tears holds ,
the loudest pain.. "

"A Story of modern love.
Two people both, Waiting to text . "

"Don't cheat anyone,
because one
day you face it."

"Don't love too soon
Don't trust too fast
Don't expect too high
Don't quit too high
don't talk too much.. "

"Sometime heart cries
but eyes are dry. "

"People love truly
can't move easily. .. "

"I don't hate you.
I just lost all reasons,
to love you."

"Sometime people hurt you.
And act like, you hurt them."

"Never explain your heart,
to someone Because the right one.
Will already know....

"I may ignore you but deep inside
I'm dying to talk to you. "

"People who say sorry for.
Late replies
Are the best kind of people... "

"Some people are part of the story
But not part of the ending.. "

"You are the first and last
Thing on my mind
Everyday.. "


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